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NEXTA-headerDebuting at RoboCup 2005, the next version of Team Osaka’s VisiON robots was naturally given the name NEXTA (Next Agent). It had 23 DOF, an omni-directional camera, an accelerometer (so that the robot knows if it is standing or lying down) and gyro sensors (to help it maintain balance). It had 2 on-board processors that allowed it to function autonomously in various circumstances suited to the events at RoboCup.

NEXTA was bigger and meaner than the previous model, standing 46.5cm and weighing 3.2kg, and looked a bit like a gorilla or Mega Man villain. The main improvements over the previous model included implementing voice recognition, wireless network communication, and USB ports.

Unlike VisiON, which relied only on predefined motion patterns to drive its servos, NEXTA implemented a dynamic mathematical approach using inverse kinematics. This gave NEXTA the ability to quickly change direction to suit the circumstances on the soccer field, which undoubtedly helped them win the cup.

Team Osaka is made up of various organizations including companies and universities: Osaka City, Vstone Co. Ltd., Osaka University Intelligent Robotics Lab, Systec Akazawa, ROBO-GARAGE, and ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab.



Image credits:
Vstone | Impress Robot Watch

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