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• Service Type Robot

SERVICETYPE-headerFujitsu’s Service Type Robot is the ENON’s predecessor, developed in 2004.  It moves on 2 wheels at up to 3kph, allowing it to move over uneven surfaces and slopes, and pivot on the spot for navigating tight spaces.  It was designed to autonomously navigate in structured environments such as office buildings and shopping malls using pre-programmed maps, making it an ideal guide robot.  It avoids obstacles using 2 of its 8 CMOS cameras as well as 2 ultrasonic sensors and 2 proximity sensors.

One of the Service Type Robot’s main features is its connection to the internet.  Besides searching for relevant information and displaying it on its LCD touch screen or an external device, it can also be controlled remotely.  This functionality allows it to be used as a mobile security camera.  When low on power, it autonomously returns to a contact-less charging station for 24 hour service.

It can also hold items, push carts, and press buttons using visual servoing; in one demonstration it called and rode an elevator by pressing buttons like a human would.  Using its three microphones, it can detect the direction of a sound, allowing it to turn towards a person who is verbally commanding it.  It features many proprietary Fujitsu technologies for its vision and speech functions which facilitate human-friendly interaction.  All of these features were carried over to the ENON, which is the commercial version of this robot.

・Fujitsu Service Type Robot (official press release EN) (JP)



Image credit:
Fujitsu | Impress Robot Watch

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