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ShoppingGuide-002Korntech, a Korean company known for its Rogun humanoid robot (not yet for sale) presented a new robot called PRo at the 14th Asian-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition (APRCE).  The “Shopping Guide Robot” is a 1 meter (3’3″) tall humanoid based on Rogun’s design that provides sales and product information to consumers verbally and with leaflets, which it dutifully hands out.  The novelty of the robot would likely make it a successful marketing tool.

ShoppingGuide-001The APRCE is a biennial event that previously took place in Tokyo, Japan (2007), with more than 17 countries represented by the companies involved.  The theme this year is “retail for the future of life and the economy”, and will run from October 14th to 17th. A short clip of the robot shows it waving its arm with about the same smoothness as Rogun (it could probably use some work).

[source: DDaily (KR)] & [YTN news (KR)]