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FreedomJr3-headerBesttechnology Co. Ltd., a Japanese robotics company, has a new humanoid robot kit for sale that uses 16 Robotis Dynamixel  AX-12+ servos and 1 AX-S1 (sensor module) for its head.  Rather than using the Robotis CM-5 and software, it is programmed in C with GCC Developer Lite, and uses a custom controller board (compatible with all Dynamixel servos) with a microSD card slot that communicates via USB and Bluetooth.  It also has a less flexible hip set-up that is missing the yaw axis of the 18 DOF Bioloid comprehensive kit.

The basic FREEDOM jr.III comes preassembled and costs 104,000 JPY ($1,144 USD) or 123,000 JPY ($1,353 USD) for the complete kit which includes an extra battery, charger, and wireless controller.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Besttechnology] via [Biped Robot News Japan]

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