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Own your own (pretty big) Gundam Statue

GundamRX78statueNo, Bandai,  I won’t.  I won’t buy your 332,000 JPY ($3,660 USD) 1/12th scale RX-78-2 Gundam.  Not even with free shipping.  Not even if it comes with articulated joints, a beam saber, beam rifle, and shield, and makes noises and lights up on command.

Not that I couldn’t make room for the 150cm (5′) tall, 90cm (3′) wide, 35kg (77 lbs) statue.  Not that I don’t want too.  I simply can’t afford it!  Besides, you could build a pretty respectable working robot for that price.

You can check out build photos of the RX-78 over at the Maru Family’s blog.

[source: Rakuten Shop] via [Holypong’s Blog]

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