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HUBO 2 helps launch 90th National Korean Games

The 90th National Sports Festival began in Daejeon on October 20th, 2009 with the help of KAIST’s HUBO 2 humanoid robot, who helped light the torch during the Opening Ceremonies at the World Cup Stadium. HUBO 2 is the latest humanoid robot from KAIST and is currently being used in an international research initiative with Drexel University, among others.


The National Sports Festival is a smorgasbord of events similar to the Summer Olympics, set to take place up until the Closing Ceremonies on the 26th.  North Korea launched its own “Mass Games” back in the middle of August, where some 100,000 performers danced in somewhat creepily perfect unison, but lacked any sophisticated humanoid robots.  One wonders why the Beijing Olympics never made use of BIT’s humanoid robots during their ceremonies.

[source: ET News]

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