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Meka Robotics’ shows off Simon’s Head

Meka Robotics is showing off the preliminary tests of their work with Georgia Tech’s Socially Intelligent Machines Lab.  The robot, Simon, is shown looking around and blinking his peepers while his antennae-like “ears” move around and change color.  Unlike what the folks at have to say, I think Simon’s features are too abstract to fall into the uncanny valley and even look cute.  Let me know what you think.

Video (Mirror):

Video (Mirror):

These clips remind me of that Simpsons episode where they go to Itchy & Scratchy Land.  Looking inside one of the robot’s heads, Marge says,”See all that stuff inside, Homer?  That’s why your robot never worked.”  You can check out in-depth details on all of Simon’s components over at the Meka Robotics’ website.

[source: Meka Robotics @ Vimeo]