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ED Corporation’s MARO delights City Hall


ED Corporation, a South Korean robotics firm, has dolled up their “Concierge Robot” ARO for Masan City Hall and renamed it MARO.  The robot sported the colors from Masan city’s logo: a bright red scuba mask and sea blue fittings that represent the beautiful port city.  MARO answered questions and provided information about the city.  A promotional video showcased the robot’s features, which were designed to entertain people while they wait at family restaurants.

ED Corporation has demonstrated ARO at a variety of technology expos in Korea.  The semi-humanoid robot, which moves on wheels, is 145cm (4′9″) tall and weighs 85kg (187 lbs).  Its eyes are small LCD screens which animate to blink or form various expressions.  Masan city officials remarked that MARO should be popular at the upcoming Robot Land, and that his dream of becoming a citizen may one day become reality.

[source: NoCutNews(KR)]

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