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• Subaru Cleaning Robot

subaru-cleaner-2516239120_b49e0c63d7_osmSubaru makes cleaning robots which, equipped with obstacle sensors, can clean up to 3,000 m²/hour (3x that of their human counterparts). Needing to be recharged only once every 3 hours, they can do a massive amount of work on a single charge.  Looking a little like a giant roomba, this highly efficient cleaning system has been used in the Sumitomo headquarters, where 7 cleaning robots obediently help the cleaning staff keep things spick and span. The robots operate nightly between 11pm to about 3am, by which time they’ve vacuumed their daily quota.

The AV-S1 model is 89cm (3′) tall and weighs 135kg (297 lbs).  The robots maintain a distance of about 20cm between themselves and surrounding walls, so that area does need to be cleaned by staff the next morning (a job much less time-consuming compared to doing the entire floor). The robots even ride the elevators between floors to complete their routine.  Subaru even added an LCD head which displays different facial expressions to make it more human-friendly.

Sure, the Cleaning Robot may seem boring compared to the humanoid robots developed by Subaru’s competitors, but at least this one is serving a practical purpose.  It alleviates the workload of the human cleaning staff to focus on doing a better job in more important areas, like bathrooms and office desks.

[source: Robonable(JP)]



Image credits:
Impress Robot Watch | Robonable

  • A t’il était commercialisé depuis? je ne l’ai jamais aperçu auparavant. Scooba prend tout de même moins de place ;o)robot aspirateur

    • Robotbling

      @ Best of Robots

      These robots are intended for office buildings. They are used inside the Sumitomo building and have been sold to a few others in Japan. I don’t believe they have tried marketing them outside of Japan.

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