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Kabu Robo Saves you from Bad Stocks

If there was any doubt (not that there would be) that giant robots are firmly entrenched in Japanese culture, look no further than Kabu Robo.  He’s a giant robot similar to those seen in cartoons from the late ’70s and ’80s, but instead of fighting to save Japan from aliens he’s trying to save the economy!  He’s the mascot for Monex’s algorithmic robot stock trading system that analyzes data to make profits while avoiding potential pitfalls.  I don’t have any idea how the stock market works, let alone how this program does what it purports to.  All I know is, a childhood bombarded by giant robot cartoons has convinced me to blindly place my trust in Kabu Robo to fight my financial battles for me in a volatile market fraught with peril.


View the cheesy flash animation complete with traditional theme song here, or visit the official Kabu Robot website (JP).

[source: Arius Blog (JP)]

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