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RoboFight 10 Day Two Highlights


Day two of RoboFight 10, organized by Robot Force in Osaka, was even more entertaining than the first day (if the videos from Impress Robot Watch are any indication).  I’ve compiled them and edited them down into a shorter video.  A few crowd favorites and plenty of original robots I’ve never seen before competed, including one with cool blue LEDs streaming up its body.  Robot Force’s modified KHR-3HV, Sambi, also put in a cameo.  It seemed to me one of the main referees was not doing so great a job at calling the shots – some obvious “slips” were called as “downs” which incur a greater penalty.  Three “downs” and your ‘bot is considered K.O.’d.  After the one-on-one fights, a rumble fight is held with the runner-ups where they attempt to force each other out of the ring.

[source: Impress Robot Watch(JP)]