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Footage from the 2nd U1K Robot Fight

The RT Corp shop in Akihabara held the 2nd U1K (Under 1kg) Robot Fight on October 24th, 2009. The interesting thing about this competition is that robots such as JO-ZERO, the Robovie-nano, and G-Robots can compete since larger and heavier robots aren’t allowed. This is a great event for those who don’t have the time and money to build larger robots. Japanese blogger Iketomu, who writes one of the few English hobby blogs (Biped Robot News Japan), was there and took plenty of videos of the various battles. Mr. Igaa’s custom-built Soga (the creator of the infamous Saga, the suplexing robot) was the overall winner.  In the following video, you can see a couple of JO-ZEROs and Robovie-nanos competing:

Video (Mirror):

For much more, head on over to:

[source: Biped Robot News Japan (EN)]

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