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The 1st Humanoid-Only UEC Rescue Robot Contest

Osaka’s Electro-Communication University held their first humanoid-only UEC Rescue Robot Contest on Sunday (Nov.1st) where 18 robots appeared.  Competing robots had to pass over and under tunnel obstacles by either crawling or flipping over them.  They then had to skillfully move debris (blocks) out of the way before scooping up a human dummy to transport it across the finish line to safety, all within a time limit of just a few minutes.


A custom-built robot called YOGOROZA, which has competed at six ROBO-ONE fighting tournaments, took first place.  Robot-Force took 2nd place with one of their bots, which they showed tackling mock obstacles on their website.  Although perhaps not as serious a competition as its counterpart RescueCon (which began in 2000), the event still managed to excite the crowd and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

And check out this remarkable performance by a Robovie-PC:

[source: Robomedia(JP)]