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Toyota Partner Robot’s illegitimate Chinese lovechild?


Another service robot is being demonstrated at the 2009 Chinese International Industry Fair, and this one is the spitting image of a Toyota Partner Robot. Clearly designed to pick up and deliver menu items on trays, this may not be the most sophisticated robot, but it would still be neat to be served by one at a restaurant.  One assumes the robot’s built-in screen displays the menu items and daily specials.  Like many robots that get caught in the deluge of expo show floor reports from China, the name and origins of this robot are (for now at least) shrouded in mystery.  Meanwhile, Mr. Takeshi Uchiyamada (Toyota’s Vice President) is scheduled to give a special lecture at IREX 2009 later this month, tantalizingly titled “Partner Robots harmoniously Coexisting with People – Dreams & Hope“.  Toyota will also have a booth, so we can look forward to more Partner Robot goodness come late November.

ChineseFair2009-UptechUPTECH Robotics, a Chinese company that specializes in educational robots, is also demonstrating its InnoSTAR modular robotic kits.  Similar to the Bioloid Robotis brand, the kits can be reconfigured to take the shape of a humanoid, dog, hexapod, and more.

[source: Xinhua(CH)]