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• AR-600

AR600-RussiaYouthInnovationFounded in 2005, Android Robotics Corp. is the most prominent robotics company in Russia.  Located in Moscow, they sell a variety of hobby robot kits and parts including their own version of Kondo’s KHR-1, called the AR-101, and have regularly hosted robotics tournaments in Russia for the last few years.  They’ve also developed a humanoid robot that, similar to New Era’s Arne and Arnea (another pair of Russian robots), could pass for a member of ASIMO’s family called AR-600.  While it is relatively easy to mimic the look of ASIMO, it appears copying Honda’s balance control technology is proving much more difficult, since the AR-600 can’t walk very well (and only on smooth surfaces).

The AR-600 stands 140cm (5′) tall and weighs 50kg (110 lbs).  It is equipped to handle simple conversations on certain subjects, such as greetings or serving as a guide.  Most of the robot’s artificial intelligence, such as its stereoscopic image processing and speech systems, are handled by a remote computer which communicates with the internal motor controller via Wi-Fi.  This allows the robot to do simple arithmetic (addition and subtraction).  The robot’s body is packed with about 100 tactile sensors which detect objects within 15cm and those in direct contact with the robot, which together with its ultrasonic range detectors and accelerometers lowers the risk of injuring bystanders.  Videos and media after the break.

The AR-600 also has a sophisticated object recognition and classification software called E-frame which uses a tree-like structure, with individual objects being “leaves” on the tree, which allows the robot to partially classify objects in its field of view.  Android Robotics Corp. is conducting ongoing R&D on the subject of artificial intelligence and as well as safety protocols for dealing with the uncertainty of unstructured environments.

・Android Robotics Corp. (RU)



Image credit:
Kovshenin’s Flickr

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