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IR EXPO 2009 & KAIST’s Health Care Robot

A couple of clips, the first from Korea’s IR EXPO 2009.  Yujin Robot showed up with its educational robot iRobi Q, its Roomba-esque vacuum robot iClebo, and Cafero – a beverage delivery robot.  DasaTech was also pimping the same old Genibo robo-dog they’ve been selling for the past few years, but also gave a quick look at a new service robot.  I wonder if DasaTech plans on creating a new model of Genibo any time soon?

The second clip details KAIST‘s donation of several health care assistance robots to Korea’s National Rehab clinic.  Besides robotic wheelchairs which can help a person pick up objects from the floor or feed themselves, they once again demonstrated their smart home system.  The system uses a “steward robot” called Joy to carry out certain commands.  For example, when it’s time to move from a wheelchair to a bed, you would verbally command Joy who in turn activates the equipment.  The system allows patients to use arm gestures to control appliances like the television, lighting, and so on without the need for a complex remote control.  The system is being tested at the clinic in the hope that someday such a system might help disabled individuals lead more independent lives.

[source: Wownet(KR)] & [KTV(KR)]

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