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Top Ten Robots in Video Games (part 2)


If there’s one combination that was made in heaven it’s robots and video games. I’d wager that over the years there have been more video games that feature robots than movies and books combined. With so many robots to choose from, some are bound to be left out. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments! Let’s continue the count-down with the Runner-Ups…

The Runner-Ups

#20 – Clank (Ratchet & Clank, PS2, PSP, PS3)


Clank’s wisecracking attitude provides the perfect foil for Ratchet’s clumsy heroism in Insomniac’s comedic action platformer. He finally earned himself his own game on the PSP. His design is a bit too much like GIR from Invader Zim, so he gets relegated to the runner-ups.

#19 – Vanessa Schneider (P.N.03, Gamecube)


P.N.03 for the Gamecube is one of those love it or hate it sort of games, but Vanessa is all good. She’s actually a cybernetically enhanced clone, and when you finally beat the game you find out the whole thing has been nothing but a training exercise.  There are no human soldiers, no monsters or aliens, just robots that stand in her way.  And it all takes place in glorious settings inspired by classic sci-fi films.

#18 – Fuchikoma (Ghost in the Shell, PS1)


These spider mechs have cute voices and bubbly personalities, but on the battlefield they’re serious business. They can cling to almost any surface, allowing you to strafe up the walls and hang from the ceiling to take out the baddies with a barrage of heat-seeking missiles. If that sounds like fun to you, track down a copy of this amazing PS1 game.

#17 – Aigis (Persona 3, PS2, PSP)


The Persona series is a long-running macabre RPG series set in modern day Japan, where high school students summon manifestations of their true selves called Personas to do battle.  Aigis is an android built to fight Shadows, creatures that feed on human minds that roam the Dark Hour, an alternate universe that exists during the transition from one day to the next.

#16 – AC (Armored Core, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, XBOX360, Mobile)


From Software’s Armored Core series goes back to the original PlayStation, and puts players in control of large mecha.  Naturally you can customize the hell out of them until your money runs out, which you earn as a mercenary in most of the games.

#15 – Wanzers (Front Mission, SNES, PS1, PS2, PS3/XBOX360, DS)


The Wanzer military mecha from the Front Mission series are some of the coolest robots to grace a video game. They’re hardcore industrial killing machines that are totally customizable. There’s just one thing I don’t like about them: they have human pilots! It simply doesn’t make sense to put a soldier in a life-threatening position like that when they could just as easily be controlled remotely, from miles away in a secure bunker.

#14 – Ershin (Breath of Fire IV, PS1)


Ershin, a magical suit of living armor, is one of the more memorable characters from the Breath of Fire series. Besides providing much of the game’s comedy relief, Ershin can also lay the smack-down with the best of them using its rocket punch attacks.

#13 – Gears (Xenogears, PS1)


You have to give the original Xenogears props for allowing your puny human characters to summon giant robots mid-battle, allowing them to stomp on lesser foes with the might of an iron god. They had cool anime-inspired designs, and even tactical properties like fuel and temperature, when they weren’t going berserk and vaporizing your home town.

#12 – Bangai-O (Bangai-0, N64, Dreamcast, DS)


Bangai-O Spirits has been released for the DS, but the original game was released for the N64 (and later ported to the Dreamcast). Treasure’s unique multi-directional action shooter features a mecha with an explosive special attack: the more enemy missiles on-screen when activated, the more counter-missiles are launched. The result is a screen-filling missile launch that must be seen to be believed.

#11 – Gray Fox (Metal Gear Solid, PS1, GameCube)


Part man, part machine – part friend, part foe – from the original, groundbreaking stealth action game. He was the leader of FoxHound before seemingly dying in Zanzibar, only he didn’t die – he was resurrected and transformed into a cyborg ninja that left many gamers (and Otacon) with soiled underpants. The soldier sashimi scene is jaw-droppingly awesome, as is every other scene in which he makes an appearance.

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