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HUBOFX-07Not to be outdone by Toyota’s i-foot, KAIST’s engineers at HUBOLab have created a similar bipedal walker called the HUBO FX-1, which stands 2m tall and weighs 150kg. It can carry up to 100kg in weight, and it is possible to perform forward walking, backward walking, side walking and turning using the built-in joystick (what do you know, my preferred control method).

HUBOLab’s own description of the expected benefits of this ‘bot is, and I quote,”Natural walking with carrying old and feeble people”. They also expect that it could be used in a variety of settings including industrial, military, and emergency zones. So far the robot can’t climb stairs, but they’re working on that and increasing the walking speed and payload.

The driver’s seat looks comfortable enough, like the captain’s chair on the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise, if a bit unsafe. Perhaps future versions of the HUBO FX will address this important issue, if indeed a new prototype is being worked on.  (video and images after the break)

・KAIST (site KR/EN)



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