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• Grandar Home Education Robot


Shanghai Grandar Robotics (aka xPartner), the main sponsor of China’s Intelligent Robot Competition, plastered an EVE lookalike on their posters and gave a demonstration of the robot for the competition’s 10th anniversary this past weekend.  The competition, which began in 2000, includes RoboCup-style events (Grandar Cup), as well as humanoid fighting contests, courses on robotics, and robot exhibitions. The competition enjoyed a record setting attendance this year, with 350 teams and a total of more than 1,200 young people and robot enthusiasts competing for a packed audience.

The household educational robot, nicknamed Baby, was also demonstrated at the recent China Industry Fair in Shanghai.  It stands 60cm (2′) tall and weighs 15kg (33 lbs), and moves on wheels at up to 1 meter per second.  It has 2 degrees of freedom in each arm, and 2 degrees of freedom in its neck.  The robot’s camera (difficult to see in between its bright blue eyes) gives it face recognition, and it has some degree of speech recognition and obstacle detection.  The touch screen in its chest displays educational content, which could be used for distance learning.  Students can program the robot using a flowchart system.  It can also return to its charging station when it gets low on juice.

Household and educational robots will be the focus of next year’s expo (a few more photos after the break).

Grandar Robotics isn’t all fun and games; they licensed the Robotis Bioloid brand and they’re developing a bomb inspection military robot called DragonGuard X3, as well as UAVs and submersibles.




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Grandar Robotics

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