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• Tiro


Hanool Robotics is one of several Korean companies trying their best to one-up the Japanese when it comes to the wonderful world of Mechnical Men. And I give them all the credit in the world for producing the world’s first robot to bring two human flesh-puppets together in robotic matrimony.

Not much is known about Tiro (created in part by the groom Seok Gyeong-Jae) apart from the fact it talks in a sweet, feminine voice and costs $215,000 to produce. Along with Tiro, other robots served as ushers and performers at the wedding, which must have been one hell of a party. In South Korea, couples can hold a wedding pretty much anywhere (and anyhow) they like, but it isn’t official until they register with the authorities.

With its ridiculous, globe-light appendages and bright LED smile, Tiro will be upgraded to serve other more practical functions, so I doubt a robot-themed funeral is in the cards for Tiro anytime soon. Hanool Robotics currently sells robotic vacuum cleaners that can automatically return to charging stations when their batteries get low.



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