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Samurai of Kuroda is now a Robot


Kuroda-HakataA modified version of Crafthouse’s Melissa kit, made to look like a traditional Hakata doll of The Samurai of Kuroda, a celebrated figure from Kyushu, appeared at RoboSquare.  It was felt that RoboSquare needed a robot to convey its hometown spirit, since most of the robots that appear there come from abroad.  It was commissioned because both Crafthouse and RoboSquare are located in Kyushu, and Hakata is one of the districts of Fukuoka City, known for its clay dolls.

Thus the idea of a “Samurai of Kuroda” robot was born, and a custom head and period clothing were handcrafted to complete the effect.  The robot drinks sake from a traditional bowl, and Crafthouse made the famous spear for it to hold.  Its dance performance, which took months to program, will entertain visitors to IREX 2009 later this month and at RoboSquare indefinitely. The Samurai of Kuroda is known for his beer-drinking song and dance, which have been passed down through the centuries.  Videos after the break.

[source: Impress Robot Watch(JP)]

Video (Mirror):