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• April

APRIL-headerApril is a doll-like feminine humanoid, developed by Samsung sometime around 2003. It lacked sensors and was unable to stand up, but could move its arms and head – almost more of a kinetic sculpture than a robot. The exact specs and purpose of this prototype are unknown, however it appears to be actuated by wires with the servo motors hidden beneath her stand. April was used in HRI (Human Robot Interaction) experiments.

It is believed that robots like this one may help alleviate loneliness in individuals who may not have many friends, family, or pets. For example, the robot could greet you when you return home and play music for you. The study showed that people’s expectations of humanoid robots are much higher than those of non-humanoids, for example they wanted April to hold a conversation and interact beyond her limited capabilities.



[source: Samsung (official site)]