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Bandit takes a cue from Taizo, leads in Exercises

Here we see USC’s socially assistive robot Bandit (which we looked at a little more in-depth here) performing as an exercise trainer.  Similar to AIST’s & General Robotix’s exercising robot clown Taizo, Bandit might prove more engaging and fun to work out with than a workout dvd.  For example, Bandit can play a mimicry game where he copies whatever upper body movements you perform by analyzing your movements.  One thing that Bandit isn’t doing in this video is making use of his eyebrows and lips, which could be choreographed to his routine to give him a bit more life.

Video (Mirror):

And in the next video, Professor Maja Mataric (co-director of USC’s Robotics Lab) talks about her book “The Robotics Primer“, which sounds like something I (and perhaps you, too) ought to check out.

Video (Mirror):

Buy The Robotics Primer @

[source: USC @ YouTube] via [Botjunkie]

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