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• Shinpo

In 2005, TMSUK teamed up with Waseda University to create Shinpo, the first humanoid robot capable of walking without the typical bent knee approach seen in most bipedal robots. This requires rotation in the pelvis similar to that in humans. Shinpo stands 152cm (5′) tall, weighs 72kg (158 lbs) and has 39 DOF.

Besides walking at speeds of up to 1.8kph, Shinpo is also able to move its wrists and fingers independently, allowing it to play the Japanese game Janken (rock-paper-scissors). Though it was specifically developed for the Niigata Hall of Natural Science (where it is on permanent display), similar technology has been implemented in TMSUK’s other humanoid, the samurai robot Kiyomori.  The museum exhibit also includes a multimedia touchscreen display, allowing visitors to watch interviews with the development team from Waseda University and keep themselves up to date on the latest robotic developments with a Robot Encyclopedia.