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13th Itabashi Industry Fair Robot Contest

A robot contest sponsored by 4 robot companies (Technoroad Co., Asakusagiken, Pirkus, and MANOI Planning) took place November 21st, where 21 robots competed in a variety of events.  The rules stated that no sideways walking or squat-legged walking would be permitted, both common techniques in these competitions.  The knee angle had to be at least 90° at all times, which was quite a challenge given that even ROBO-ONE’s rules allow the knee to bend more than that when raising the foot.

The first leg of the competition was a foot race around a curvy track.  Saga, the little white robot known for suplexing his opponents, came in first place with 7 laps.  The top 8 competitors then moved on to the next phase, which was a fighting tournament using ROBO-ONE’s latest rules.  Gargoyle-Mini, which recently won ROBOFIGHT 10, came in first place winning 100,000 JPY ($1,100 USD).  50,000 JPY ($560 USD) went to Garoo in 2nd place, and 30,000 JPY ($340 USD) went to Saga in 3rd.

It seems to me that Saga’s design has legs with bent knees, but was still allowed to compete.  Perhaps there’s a loophole in the rules?  In any case, check out his winning run.  More videos including the battles that determined the winner can be found at the source link below.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Biped Robot News Japan (ENG)]

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