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GoTalk Vstone Lite: Speech Recognition & Synthesis


Robomedia is reporting that Vstone is partnering with Agilingua to create GoTalk Vstone Lite: speech recognition and synthesis for your hobby robot for 15,000 JPY ($170 USD).  Agilingua specializes in spoken dialogue recognition and text-to-speech software.  Your robot will be able to respond to voice commands as well as its name, and carry out simple dialogs you create for it (such as greetings).  Vstone should be commended for pushing hobby robot technology forward while their competitors seem satisfied to sit back and do nothing.  GoTalk Vstone Lite along with their Robovie-PC hobby robot kit will give hobbyists the best platform for experimenting with this technology.  You can purchase it from Vstone’s Online Store.

[source: Robomedia blog (JP)]

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