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• Vstone810

VSTONE810-HeaderTeam Osaka’s robots aren’t limited to the VisiON series. They’ve also created a couple of robots for the Teen Size league, which requires a robot to be at least 80cm tall. This effectively eliminates any of the VisiON robots from competing, so Vstone created the Vstone810. The ‘810 is 80cm tall, weighs 7.5kg, and has a total of 22 DOF. Despite its larger size, it has the same hardware configuration as the VisiON series (a 500MHz SOC running Windows XP, as well as a Vstone CPU for motor control), and CCD cameras for vision.

The ‘810’s servo motors are the insanely powerful VS-SV1150, which produce torque in the range of 115kg per cm (most hobby servos top out at 30kg/cm), and have an operating range of 340 degrees (most hobby servos top out at 180 degrees). These servos are actually available to the public at a price of $660 USD each (now consider that there are 22 servos in the robot to get an idea of its price).

RoboCup’s Teen Size league has yet to see an actual soccer match, since few participants have the resources to build multiple robots at the required sizes to form a real team. The basic competitions include 1 on 1 penalty shots, sprints, as well as autonomous pathfinding tests (such as dribbling the ball in a figure 8 pattern around obstacles on the field). Eventually, RoboCup will phase out the smaller sizes while at the same time having a larger minimum height requirement, in order to meet their goal of a robot vs human match by 2050.

Team Osaka managed to win the Humanoid League Cup in the years it competed, despite losing the finals in the Kid Size league, mainly due to the extra points earned by the Vstone810 in the Teen Size league. As such, it is an integral part of Team Osaka’s success at the tournament. The Vstone 810 was chiefly designed by Takeshi Maeda, the same man responsible for the OmniZero.9.

Team Osaka is made up of various organizations including companies and universities: Osaka City, Vstone Co. Ltd., Osaka University Intelligent Robotics Lab, Systec Akazawa, ROBO-GARAGE, and ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab.



Image credits:
Vstone | Impress Robot Watch

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