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IREX 2009 continued

Fraunhofer IPA demonstrated their home assistance robot Care-O-bot 3, which took drink orders through its touch panel before going over to the table and using its one arm and end effector to grasp a bottled beverage and return with it.  The robot has a flexible, bending body which gives it a somewhat strange appearance.  Perhaps Willow Garage‘s PR2 has some competition?


Eager Co. Ltd. showcased its cardboard mannequin robot “D+ropop”, which they called the world’s first environmentally-friendly robot.  It stands 179cm (5’10”) tall, but weighs only 6kg (13 lbs) thanks to its use of light weight materials.  Unlike Flower Robotics’ mannequin robot Palette, D+ ropop’s light weight means it can be actuated with inexpensive hobby servos, further reducing costs.  Businesses will be able to rent the robot for 1 week at a rate of 159,000 JPY ($1,830 USD) which is about half the price of renting Palette for 4 days.  Though I think for high fashion stores having a robot made out of cardboard might not look quite as classy.

Video (Mirror):


[source: Impress Robot Watch (JP), (2)]

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