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And the Robot Survey says…


Robonable and Tenproxy conducted a survey between November 13th~20th 2009, asking 1000 people their general thoughts on robots and gauging market knowledge and interest.  The full report will be available at a later date, but here are some of the findings:

  • 80% of people are interested in robots
  • 57% were interested in cleaning robots
  • 32% were interested in security guard or rescue robots
  • 28% were interested in load transportation robots

General robot knowledge/awareness:

  • 30.5% Mars Surveyor
  • 20% robot vacuum cleaners
  • 3~4% HAL robot suit, therapy robot Paro

Factors in purchasing a robot vacuum:

  • 36% said price
  • 23% said brand / make
  • 17% said “type”

(The survey did not go into details regarding fully autonomous or partly automatic control types, nor did it cover the efficiency of dust clean-up.)

As far as what makes a good robot:

  • 45.9% said it should be useful
  • 39.2% said accuracy / precision
  • 38.2% said advanced functions

I’m a bit surprised that ASIMO or the Toyota Partner Robots didn’t appear anywhere.  Perhaps they would have gotten better results had they asked the respondents about Gundam robots?

[source: Robonable (JP)]

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