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“Plawres Sanshiro” Now A Reality, Three Decades Later

MadHur_R0010758smPlawres Sanshiro (Plastic Modeling Wrestling Sanshiro) was a comic and animated tv series that aired back in 1983.  It starred a young boy named Sanshiro who participated in Model Wrestling competitions with a small robot named Juohmaru, similar to ROBO-ONE tournaments that exist today.  Later in the series Sanshiro begins to explore how the Plawres technology could be used for medicine, and fights against those who want to use it for military purposes.

At IREX 2009, Poseidon (a plastic model company) displayed Mad Hurricane, a robot kit based on one of the Plawres robots.  Soon fans of Plawres Sanshiro will be able to live their childhood dreams and control their very own fighter!  The kit stands 40cm tall, weighs 2~3kg, and has 20 DOF (12x KRS-4014, 8x KRS-4024).  Only 30 units will be made,  and they’re taking pre-orders now.  This isn’t the first time one of Minoru Kamiya‘s manga creations has been turned into a hobby robot; the JO-ZERO kits are based on his designs as well.   Videos and media after the break.

[source: Poseidon (JP)] via [Impress Robot Watch (JP)]



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Gigazine | Impress Robot Watch

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