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PHOPE-IMG_0358_compressed_CroppedSouth Korea’s Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics (PIRO), a division of POSTECH University, has developed a guide robot named PHOPE (PIRO + Hope).  PHOPE was first unveiled publicly in 2007 at Robot World in Seoul.  The robot was designed to guide visitors around structured environments, such as buildings, so it has face and speech recognition as well as speech synthesis, which allows it to remember specific people.  For example, you would register yourself in the robot’s database and on the 2nd visit to the PIRO building, the robot might greet you by name upon recognizing your face.

The institute has 12 laboratories including an underwater robotics testing lab and a robot museum open to the public featuring around 50 robots.  It has a touchscreen built into its chest which shows an animated face when it is conversing, and can display map information.  PHOPE was present when Pohang University hosted the WRO 2009 and also showed up at IREX 2009.  Video and media after the break.



  • edwin

    wats the speed of movement of this humanoid robot??