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The Sharper Image Coin-Counting Robot Bank

This “robot” bank from The Sharper Image recognizes the types of coins you deposit and tells you how much you’ve saved in a funny robot voice (and on its LCD display).  It’s a bit pricey (for what it is) at $39.99 USD.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think you can beat the original robot banker by Tomy.  I used to have one of them as a kid along with Tomy’s robot owl (Hootbot), but somewhere along the way they’ve become lost.  Now I’m feeling kinda sad, and it’s not the kind of emptiness this new robot bank can fill.



There’s just no comparison.  I think Takara Tomy should rerelease him as a 20th Anniversary edition (it has to be at least that old).  I’d buy two! He has so much more character with his big googly eyes and I love how he licks his lips. Classic.

source: [The Shaper Image] via [Living with Robots (JP)]

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