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Avatar only a few days away!


No movie review for today. I’ll be seeing Avatar this Thursday night (well, technically Friday) at 12am, and will write up my review for Friday morning. Not that reviews matter – everyone and their dog is going to go see this movie. To be honest, I’ve always sort of felt that Avatar was “that project that Cameron had to finish before he does Battle Angel”. Ever since I heard that James Cameron was going to do a live action film based on Yukito Kishiro’s epic manga Battle Angel Alita, it’s been hard to get excited about anything else. And from the first teaser, the whole concept of Avatar seemed kind of silly to me. But I’m a huge fan of Cameron’s past work and I have faith in the guy. If nothing else, the eye candy alone should be worth the ticket price.

On a side note, I’m lucky enough to live in a city with an IMAX theater, but unfortunately normal theaters have an exclusivity deal which means we won’t be seeing Avatar hit IMAX for at least a few months, if not until this time next year!  I’m pretty sore about that.

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