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Own Your Very Own Actroid in 2010


Japanese department store Sogo & Seibu will be selling two Actroids (female androids), taking preorders in January of 2010.  Now you can own your very own creepy animated mannequin, but at $225,000 they aren’t cheap.  The sale is all about creating buzz for the chain during the annual shopping frenzy that hits around this time of the year.

Actroids are created by Kokoro Co. Ltd., the same company that worked with AIST on their HRP-4C female android, though unlike the HRP-4C they are unable to walk.  Instead, the Actroids are typically seen standing or sitting.  They are capable of a variety of facial expressions, and can move their arms, but aren’t the most technically advanced.

[source: Sankei News (JP)]