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Guangzhou’s Cross-Century Robot Fair

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China, is hosting what they’re calling a Cross-Century Robot Fair until January 17th, 2010. The exhibition combines science, education, and entertainment, and includes one of Kokoro Co. Ltd.’s Actroids, and a 3 meter tall, 850kg robotic Yeti. Also on hand is a robotic “band” (also built by Kokoro) bearing the initials CRB (Computer Robot Band), which consists of a keyboardist, drummer, guitarist, and horn player. On closer inspection, the guitar doesn’t actually have any strings, and I’m not even sure what you’d call that wind instrument, so unlike Toyota’s robot band, these ones can’t really perform a song. More photos of CRB’s robots and a video follows after the break.

[source: Bingtuannet (CN)]