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SBS to produce Household Robot Drama in 2011

HUBO2-2011tvSBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) announced that they will air a household robot drama television series in the first half of 2011.  An SBS producer stated that it is their responsibility to unearth unique and fresh material, and that a robot-related tv series will mark a new chapter for the market.  The image SBS chose for the article shows KAIST’s HUBO 2, suggesting the new series will make use of a real humanoid robot, rather than a person in a costume or animatronics.  If so, this would be the world’s first tv series starring a real robot.

One potential problem with such a show is that it may give the public unrealistic expectations of a robot’s intelligence and readiness for market, especially if scenes are choreographed beforehand to give the semblance of sophisticated A.I. (such as complex dialogues). Japanese broadcasters had better get moving if they don’t want to be left behind!

[source: SBS (KR)]