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iRobiQ Tutoring Tots

Yujin Robot’s edutainment robot iRobiQ is finding work in South Korean primary schools.  The robot helps check attendance, welcomes the kids to class, and registers how they’re feeling.  Yujin Robot finally completed the robot in October 2008, and holds more than 50 patents on related technology.  The pioneering development hasn’t been cheap, but the company says the early childhood education market is the most profitable, and kids seem to love the robot.  Parents can also keep in touch with their children at school through the bot, which means less worrying according to one mother.  Just what impact robots will have on impressionable youngsters is yet to be seen, but more and more of them are infiltrating the lives of the next generation.


YouTube Preview Image

Yujin Robot has also developed a robot vacuum cleaner called the iClebo, as well as service robots such as the drink server Cafero and a large entertainment robot called Galaxy.

[source: SBS (KR)]

  • Jessy Sonnenbrillen

    I recently read a newspaper article that these kind of roborts are becoming popular in Germany too. I don’t know if I would buy one, but they look at least very interessting and might be quite useful.

  • Thomas Flirtcoach

    I would buy the vacuum cleaner version if it washes my dishes, too ;) If I were a kid I would not like the idea that a machine is controlling and watching if I am present or not. But maybe korean kids are different …

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