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Vstone’s 6th Robo Pro Station Challenge Cup

Vstone’s 6th robot competition featured a brand new category specifically tailored for under-1kg robots like the Robovie-nano.  The Super Heavy Weight Class allowed OmniZero.9 and ALCNON? to join in the fun.  The Beauto Robocon (line-tracing robot contest) had a large turn out thanks to Vstone’s Beauto Chaser kits being used in local Osaka high schools.

Six robots participated in the new Nano Class event, including 4 Robovie-nanos.  The robots had to race around a small winding course, with the first robot to knock down the center flag declared the winner.

Four robots took to the ring for the Super Heavy Weight Class, including 2 smaller robots (1.1~2.3kg) from Robot-force that couldn’t do much against their larger opponents.  In the final bout, OmniZero.9 handily defeated ALCNON?.  Third place went to Gadget Frog, which was one of the smaller robots with a special tongue-extension attack.

Unmodified kits could compete in the Challenge Class.  Six robots competed in the Autonomous Class, which prohibits human control (the robots react through the use of distance sensors and the like).  The Light Weight Class and Heavy Weight Class were the most popular events, with 41 robots competing.

A couple of movies follow after the break.

[source: Impress Robot Watch (JP)]


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