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HUBO 2 is part American!

You may be surprised to learn that HUBO 2’s exo-skeleton was designed by RJ Gross, a Mechanical Engineering student at Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab, during a co-op trip to South Korea’s KAIST. He stayed in South Korea for a few months while he worked on the CAD model for the new exterior in Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor.

Gross has written a blog about his experiences there, and in it he reveals that KAIST’s Professor Jun Ho Oh created all of the mechanics and mechatronics for HUBO 2 using Autocad 2007, and that there are 40 individual pieces in each of HUBO 2’s fingers!  Gross also got the chance to work with a manufacturing company called Designeers, who also helped POSTECH build their building guide robot PHOPE.  Hit the source link to read his blog entries (there aren’t too many there, and it’s an interesting read!).  It must feel good seeing something you’ve spent months designing spring to life and actually run!


[source: RJ Gross Co-Op 07-08 Blog]

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