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Even More Robots Infiltrate Korean Schools!

Lately so many robots are being introduced to South Korean classrooms it’s hard to keep up! First there was Yujin Robot’s edutainment robot iRobiQ, then KIST’s telepresence robot ROTI, and now we can add KIST’s face robot FRi. Additionally, CIR (Center for Intelligent Robotics) has retooled their penguin-like Silbot (Silver Robot) for kids. Silbot was originally designed to aid the elderly (“silver generation”, hence its name).  Surprisingly, the robots are being used to teach children English in place of native speakers.  The robots use a database of questions, asking children to fill in English sentences with the right word.  The robot can even correct pronunciation.  The robots are being deployed in Masan, South Korea, with plans to roll out a nationwide program in February 2010.

Another video shows schoolchildren assembling RoboBuilder kits, proving just how user-friendly they are. I wish we had stuff like this when I was in school! A couple of videos showing the robots in action follow after the break.

[sources: MBC News (KR)] & [Naver (KR)]

CIR & KIST Video:

RoboBuilder Video:

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