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Mujaki Clockwork’s Pint-sized Project

Mujaki Clockwork, the same robot builder responsible for HINA (the cute little coffee-making robot who starred in this hit YouTube video) is hard at work on a new robot.

Mujaki is modifying the tiny VS-S020 servo motors sold by Vstone for their Robovie-nano kit, to make them even smaller.  As a result, he expects the new robot will stand 22cm (8.6″) tall – that’s 14cm (5.5″) less than HINA!  Quite a feat, considering the robot will pack 4 degrees of freedom per arm, and 6 in each leg.  It’ll be interesting to see how this miniaturization project goes in the coming weeks, and if he’ll decide to shrink the head a bit, which would make the new bot even smaller.

[source: Mujaki Clockwork (JP)]

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. And many many thanks for all the great updates and latest news in ROBOT development. It was a great year i’m really looking forward to 2010 !