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Happy New Year!

I’d like to extend a warm thank you for visiting.

Although 2010 begins with the rather sad news of the closure of Impress Robot Watch, the best and most reliable news source for Japanese robot developments, I will do my part to bring you robot news from around the world.  There are also many more robots from the past that I intend to profile.

Now, some stats from July 19th to December 31st 2009 (since some people like that sort of thing):

  • 472 blog posts
  • 250 comments / trackbacks
  • 391 categories
  • 8,390 spam blocked
  • 429 poll votes counted
  • 800,502 views were generated

And I suppose now might be ok for a friendly reminder that this is an ad-supported website.  Please consider adding it to your adblocker’s exceptions list.  If you already have, thank you!  Earnings generated will go towards hosting fees and eventually improving the site’s reliability.  In the interest of full disclosure:

  • 217, 586 Google Adsense page impressions
  • 1,147 clicks
  • $200 generated

With all of the wonderful new robots announced in 2009, it will be a tough year to follow.  I personally look forward to 2010 with the hope that we’ll see: a more completed Boston Dynamics PETMAN; improved functionality in Willow Garage’s PR2; the debut of ROBO-GARAGE’s short film starring ROPID; HRP-4C’s full-body dance routine; any new developments concerning MIT’s Cheetah robot; and perhaps even a new model of ASIMO (its 10th anniversary will be October 2010).  I also look forward to the launch of Intuitive Automata’s robotic weight-loss coach Autom; learning more about Fuji Soft’s new humanoid robot platform, and if Speecys and SEGA will get their act together and finally release the NNR-1 (or something like it).

In gaming, I’m looking forward to international releases for Treasure’s Sin & Punishment 2, Square-Enix’s SaGa 2, Dragon Quest 6, Dragon Quest 9, & Final Fantasy Gaiden, and Nintendo/Team Ninja’s new Metroid game.  Nintendo’s new Zelda title is supposed to show up at E3 this year, and we may get a glimpse of Dragon Quest 10.

With that, Happy New Year! and please stay tuned for more robot updates (which will be announced via Twitter for the anxious).

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