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Hajime Sorayama’s Gorgeous Gynoids

You may not know him by name, but it’s hard not to recognize his work. Hajime Sorayama is a well known artist whose work in erotic illustration spans the last 30 years. He burst onto the scene in the ’80s with his first published work, Sexy Robot. His chrome-plated female robots combined hard metallic surfaces with soft feminine curves, a contrast that set his work apart from other erotic pin-up art.

Sorayama-san doesn’t just draw robot girls, but real ones as well. He often uses live models but accentuates their sex appeal with incredibly realistic renderings of latex, leather, and elemental wrappings. His influence even extended into real robotics, when he was hired to design SONY’s first robot dog, AIBO ERS-110 in the late ’90s. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian and Museum of Modern Art in New York.

A Korean blogger and model maker Chahankyu has even recreated the gynoid in model form.