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• ATOM-7xp

Futurebots (an American robotics components supplier), or more specifically its CEO Dan Mathias, has been building a humanoid robot in total secrecy for the past 8 years.  Now, on the company’s 25th anniversary, he is ready to show it off.

ATOM-7xp (Advanced Technology for Optimizing Motion) is a full-sized bipedal robot that stands 157.2cm (5’2″) tall and weighs 72kg (160 lbs).  It has an impressive 49 degrees of freedom (2 legs x7, 2 arms x6, 2 hands x5, torso x3, head x10), stereo vision, gyros and accelerometers, and runs Windows 7 and XP on a pair of Intel Atom chips.  The robot will have some degree of speech recognition and image processing, and could be used for telepresence.

Although no videos or details are available yet, ATOM is able to walk, and with its five-fingered hands with individually actuated fingers, it should be able to grasp objects.  Its eyes can blink, and it has an LCD display for its mouth.  It should be interesting to see how fast the robot can walk, because of its size (the larger a robot is, the harder it is to maintain balance).  I’ll be on the lookout for videos of it in action.  A few more photos follow after the break.

[source: Futurebots] via [Engadget]


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