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Home-made Horizontal Bar Gymnastic Robot

I’ve been keeping on eye on Hinamitetu’s home-made Horizontal Bar Gymnastic Robot for about a month, but just never got around to writing about it. After Robots-dreams picked up on it, it’s been circulating like mad, so I figured I had better dive in, too. Apparently he began working on the robot out of boredom after being laid off, and has since made four revisions to its design.  If you watch some of his earlier videos, you’ll also find that he conducts his high-flying experiments in what appears to be his living room, with a piece of plywood protecting his television!  Risky, considering the robot doesn’t always work as intended…  Good luck, Hinamitetu, and we hope to see your robots go for gold some day…

[source: Hinamitetu @ YouTube]

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