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It won’t be long now…

Fuji Soft Inc., the sponsor of the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament since 1990, is almost ready to begin taking orders for its new humanoid robot.  The as-of-yet unnamed bipedal robot’s price will be revealed late January, but is expected to be in the range of 300,000 JPY ($3250 USD).  Just to recap, so far we know the following hardware specifications: Intel Atom CPU (1.66GHz) with 2GB memory, 4GB internal flash, voice recognition microphone with source estimation, speaker for sound playback, gyros + accelerometer, pressure sensors, camera, LEDs in the head and chest, wireless LAN, powered by a Li-Ion battery.  Height 39.8cm (15.5″), weight 1.56kg (3.4 lbs), with 20 degrees of freedom.  It runs Linux Ubuntu, sample applications (open source), C++ authoring tools: motion editor and conversation tools.  It is being marketed as an educational tool for universities and research institutes.

It is also noted that the bot eschews the high-torque servos seen in ROBO-ONE competitors in favor of servos with lower power output, meaning we probably won’t see them competing in robot wrestling matches.  The fact the robot is still able to move steadily with weaker servos is perhaps due to superior software, which is Fuji Soft’s bread and butter.  While the robot’s walking abilities aren’t exactly amazing, the developers stated the robot is able to understand the difference between even and uneven terrain and will adjust its steps accordingly.

[source: Robonable (JP)]