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Nissan Cube Concept Car gets the Pixar Treatment

Nissan Motor Design Center and Hara Design Institute (Nippon Design Center)  have created a Cube concept car with a real smile for a grill.  The Cube’s body is made of a soft urethane fiber called ROICA developed by Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation, allowing it to deform up to 900% to create facial expressions.  The animatronics, created by Animal Makers Inc., move a mouth-like intake and the headlights shift like eyes.  The idea is to make the car an emotional extension of the driver, giving rise to more than just negative exchanges (like honking) on the tarmac.  ROICA is normally used in clothing, car seats, shoes, and other products.

Nissan has also toyed with the idea of a robotic agent as well as robotic cars that use collision avoidance and flocking to improve safety.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Tokyo Fiber ’09 (JP/IT)] via [DigInfo News @ YouTube]

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