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• Mechadroid Type C3

MECHADROID-headersmBusiness Design Laboratory, the makers of the ifbot, have created a robotic receptionist with one of the coolest robot names ever: Mechadroid Type C3.  The company’s voice recognition technology allows the ‘C3 (perhaps a nod to that other rambling robot, C3PO?) to answer basic questions.

Its main feature is a touch display which allows you to log in for appointments, and make telephone calls.  Facial recognition capabilities allow it to begin operation when someone stands in front of it.  It also has a color camera, speech synthesis, and LEDs in its face which light up to produce simple facial expressions.  A standard PC serves as the robot’s brain, and has been dressed up to look more futuristic on the robot’s stand.

The ‘C3 isn’t quite ready to take over at a reception desk near you, but paves the way towards a future that will no doubt be more automated than it is today.  While the set-up probably doesn’t need the robot at all to do the same job, it (presumably) makes interacting with technology a more enjoyable experience.

・ Business Design Laboratory (official site JP/EN)



Image credits:
Impress Robot Watch | Akihabara News

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