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ENON flirts with shoppers

Last week we reported on a new initiative that would test how effective robots could be at marketing. Over the weekend, a Fujitsu ENON robot was spotted at an Osaka mall where it attracted a small crowd. The robot is equipped with face recognition software that determines a person’s age and gender to deliver appropriate ads.  It’s not above smooth talking its way into clients’ pocketbooks either; it suggested Breeze Breeze’s bar would be “perfect for a beautiful woman like you” to a 30-something woman.  According to initial impressions, the robot’s use of gestures added greatly to its appeal. A second trial will be conducted in early March. A couple of videos are tucked after the break.

[source: Sankei news (JP)] & [Robonable (JP)]

ENON advertises a New York-style Bar & Grill in a man’s voice (mirror):

ENON switches to a woman’s voice to describe a Chinese Dim Sum seafood restaurant, with no MSG (mirror):

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