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U1K (Under 1kg) Robot Fight

RT Corporation held the 3rd U1K Robot Fight in Akihabara on January 9th, a division which is being adopted by the ROBO-ONE tournament in March. Iketomu, a hobbyist who maintains Biped Robot News Japan (in English), captured some great footage from the many battles. A total of 14 robots competed, including 6 Robovie-nanos (one of which ended up in 3rd place). From what I gathered from the videos, the Robovie-nano is not the greatest of fighters. Perhaps stronger servos in its shoulders would help it knock down opponents.  That said, one-on-one Robovie-nano fights last quite a bit longer than normal matches (one battle actually went the time limit), which would probably be great fun for entry-level hobbyists. I’ve edited the videos down to the best hits, but if you care to watch them in their entirety (or want to know specifics like the rules and who won) hit the source link.


[source: Biped Robot News Japan (EN)]